Register a death

It is currently not possible to book an appointment to complete a death registration in person. Death registrations are being completed over the telephone and we will contact you when we have received the paperwork.

How to register a death during coronavirus

We must have a Medical Certificate Cause of Death (MCCD) from the doctor before we can register a death.

I have the MCCD

If you have a MCCD issued by the doctor in your possession, you will need to return it to the surgery or your funeral director for them to email it to us directly. Please note that we will only accept MCCD from the surgery or funeral director.

The GP surgery, hospital or hospice have the MCCD

If your GP surgery, hospital or hospice have already sent us a copy of the MCCD, along with your details, we will call you within 5 working days to carry out the registration.

We will only call you if we have received the MCCD from the doctor or hospital, so it is important this is sent to us from them as soon as possible.

Please complete our online form.

There is no need to call us once you have completed the online form.

I do not have the MCCD

If you do not have the MCCD, the death has been referred to the coroner or you are unsure whether the GP surgery, hospital or hospice has provided us with the MCCD, please complete our online form. We will then contact you with the next steps.

The people who can register a death are:

  • a relative of the deceased
  • a person who was present at the death
  • an administrator from the hospital where the person died
  • a person arranging the funeral with the funeral director.

For more advice and support for registering a death in Kent please read our bereavement guide.

Please note, the instructions for registering a death which are included in this guide have temporarily changed due to COVID19.

Experiencing different emotions when grieving is normal and having someone to talk to about how you feel can be very helpful. The Children and Young People’s Counselling Service includes bereavement support for children and young people in Kent who experience complicated grief as a result of a Covid-19. Find out how to access this support.

Is there a fee?

The registration service is free of charge.

There is a charge for buying copies of the death certificate. The registrar will discuss this with you on the phone.

What we need to know

When the registrar calls you, they will need to know some information about the person who has died and your relationship to them to be able to complete the death register.

Please read through our guidance (PDF, 64.4 KB) before they call.

What you will receive

After the registration entry is complete, the registrar will send you:

  • a certificate for burial or cremation (form 9) a green form to give to the funeral director. If the death has been referred to the coroner and the funeral is a cremation, the equivalent form will be sent by the coroner to your funeral director
  • a certificate of registration of death (BD8 form) a white form to be completed and sent by you, with any benefit or pension details to the Department of Work and Pensions.

You will need to produce a death certificate when you are arranging the finances of the person who has died.

You can buy copies of the death certificate for a small fee. These can be bought on the day of registration or after the registration process.

After someone dies you will need to notify many organisations and departments.

The Tell Us Once service can help you by telling most organisations on your behalf. Whilst your district council can provide you with support and advice for:

  • funeral arrangements, including local funeral directors, cremations, burial costs, cemetery plot fees and memorials
  • cemetery and burial ground records.