Deaths that happen outside of Kent

How to register a death outside of Kent

If a death has occurred outside of the Kent and Bexley district, you must register the death with the local authority where the death occurred.

Deaths that occur abroad

If someone dies abroad, you must register the death with the local authorities in the country where the person died.

Citizens Advice provides a detailed breakdown as to what to do in the event of a death that occurred abroad:

  • who to contact
  • registering their death
  • funeral arrangements
  • contact details of local British embassies.

Information for registering authorities

Death declarations taken by other registration authorities for deaths within the Kent registration district or London Borough of Bexley should be sent to:

Deputy Registrar
Kent Registration Service
Ramsgate Library
Guildford Lawn
CT11 9AY

Cheques should be made payable to Kent County Council. Please include the informant’s name and telephone contact number(s) on the rear of the form.

If the informant wishes to pay by card, when we send the paperwork to the informant they will also receive a letter advising how to order and pay for certificates by debit/credit card