Investigations and inquests in Mid Kent and Medway

This area covers the district council areas of Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge and Malling (part), Swale (part).

Inquests for this area are normally held at Archbishops Palace, Maidstone unless stated otherwise.

The Senior Coroner for this area is Patricia Harding.

Contact Kent and Medway Coroner Service

Telephone: 03000 41 05 02 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Address: Coroner Service Team, Cantium House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, ME14 1XD

Inquests to be heard

The following listings are all provisional and may be subject to changes in date or time even at a late stage in proceedings. If you are intending to attend an inquest please check the listing the day before you are expecting the inquest to be heard for any revisions to time or date.

Inquests can also be listed at short notice and may not always appear on this page. If you are expecting an inquest to be listed and it does not appear on the page below please telephone or email general enquiries using the contact details above.

TypeDateTime Place of inquestNameAge Date of death Place of death
Inquest5 to 9 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJune Challis5522 August 2022Maidstone Hospital
Inquest5 to 9 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneLuke Sparks312 April 2022Eastchurch
Inquest9 June 20231pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneAayam Chongbang1 Day3 August 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest12 June 20232:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneIan Reed5211 March 2023Maidstone
Inquest12 June 20233pmCounty Hall, MaidstonePhillip Chalkley8123 May 2023Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital
Inquest13 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAnthony McKenna7117 March 2023Snodland
Inquest13 to 15 June 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneHarry Broughton421 April 2022Evelina Children's Hospital, Westminster
Inquest13 June 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneMary Dummer9930 April 2023Dartford
Inquest14 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneEdmund Colston7821 March 2023Maidstone Hospital
Inquest14 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneReece Ebdale9013 January 2023Chatham
Inquest14 June 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneJocelyn Grieve887 May 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest19 to 30 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneLiam Bentley2506 June 2022Eastchurch
Inquest21 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJay Carr2020 September 2022Snodland
Inquest21 June 20232:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneJanet Barnes8220 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest21 June 20233pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneDaren Turney549 February 2023Maidstone
Inquest21 June 20233:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneLiselotte Hoole932 May 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review26 June 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneRicardas Jonusas3416 December 2022Sheerness
Inquest3 to 4 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneEthan Wade45 July 2021Kings College Hospital
Inquest4 July 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneBrian Preedy6427 March 2023Rochester
Inquest4 July 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneNihal Elapatha7327 March 2023West Malling
Inquest4 July 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneDavid Simmonds7418 April 2023Gillingham
Pre inquest review4 July 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneDonald Ferigan9828 February 2023Rochester
Inquest4 July 20233:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneMitchell Lane2516 March 2023Rochester
Inquest5 to 6 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneRoger Stevenson282 May 2022Maidstone
Inquest5 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAlan Payne751 November 2023Maidstone Hospital
Inquest5 July 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneDavid Courtney7915 November 2022Maidstone Hospital
Inquest5 July 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneSonny Hannigan3125 February 2023Sittingbourne
Inquest6 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneEthan Wade45 July 2021Kings College Hospital
Inquest6 July 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneDoreen Biggs8111 March 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest10 July 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneKeith Foad3426 June 2022Kings College Hospital
Pre inquest review12 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneStuart Esson4110 February 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest13 July 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJacqueline Brennan7816 December 2022Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital
Pre inquest review18 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstonePaul Paget5917 January 2023Sheerness
Inquest18 July 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneTerence Smith5625 April 2023Chatham
Inquest18 July 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneEdward Scanlon8926 April 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest18 July 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneHarrison Fordyce1512 March 2023Kings College Hospital
Inquest18 to 19 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneCharles Traverso469 March 2022Chatham
Inquest20 July 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstonePaula Greenwood6717 March 2023Canterbury
Inquest24 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneTracey Smith5631 December 2022Gillingham
Inquest25 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneTomasz Stasiewicz3512 May 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest25 July 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneEivie White1310 March 2023Maidstone
Inquest28 July 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstonePauline Martin924 May 2023Maidstone Hospital
Inquest1 August 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneGary Matthews6213 May 2023Rainham
Inquest7 to 16 August 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneVincent Harvey6215 December 2020Sheerness
Inquest8 August 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJunior Stockdale2320 May 2023Rochester
Inquest15 August 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneThomas Bayliss7712 March 2023Rochester
Inquest15 August 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneJoanne Miles3315 May 2023Sittingbourne
Inquest15 August3:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneMark Newman5924 May 2023Eastchurch
Inquest16 August 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneBarry Warburton5623 May 2023Rochester
Inquest29 August 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAarron Ripley5813 May 2023River Medway
Inquest29 August 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneChristopher Tolhurst4917 May 2023East Malling, West Malling
Inquest4 to 5 September 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneSamantha Hanrahan2111 April 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review5 September 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneRichard Winfield906 April 2023Eastchurch
Inquest7 to 8 September 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneSamantha Hanrahan2111 April 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest19 September 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneMark Savage6616 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest 25 to 29 September 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneKevin Brice571 February 2023Maidstone
Inquest23 to 25 October 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneKerri Mothersole4420 August 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review24 October 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneSean Davies3025 February 2023Eastchurch