Investigations and inquests in Mid Kent and Medway

This area covers the district council areas of Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge and Malling (part), Swale (part).

Inquests for this area are normally held at Archbishops Palace, Maidstone unless stated otherwise.

The Senior Coroner for this area is Patricia Harding.

Contact Kent and Medway Coroner Service

Telephone: 03000 41 05 02 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Address: Coroner Service Team, Cantium House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, ME14 1XD

Inquests to be heard

The following listings are all provisional and may be subject to changes in date or time even at a late stage in proceedings. If you are intending to attend an inquest please check the listing the day before you are expecting the inquest to be heard for any revisions to time or date.

Inquests can also be listed at short notice and may not always appear on this page. If you are expecting an inquest to be listed and it does not appear on the page below please telephone or email general enquiries using the contact details above.

`TypeDateTime Place of inquestNameAge Date of death Place of death
Pre inquest review30 January 20232:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneKerri Mothersole4420 August 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest31 January 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneWayne Duck4315 February 2022Kings College Hospital
Pre inquest review31 January 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneEthan Wade45 July 2021Kings College Hospital
Inquest31 January 20233pmCounty Hall, MaidstonePeter Hornby8318 January 2023Maidstone Hospital
Inquest31 January 20233:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneCarole Emanuel8014 December 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest1 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneRonald Harvey9521 November 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review1 February 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneMaria Curling8617 November 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest1 February 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstonePamela Anderson7813 December 2022Maidstone Hospital
Inquest1 February 202312:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneHarry Buss853 January 2023Kings College Hospital
Inquest1 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneDavid Diprose8329 December 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest1 February 20232:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneLesley Miller713 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest2 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneDonald Chivers777 July 2022Rochester
Inquest7 to 10 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJune Challis5522 August 2022Maidstone Hospital
Inquest7 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstonePeter Martin7510 November 2022Leybourne
Inquest7 February 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneDiana Bell7811 December 2022Maidstone
Inquest7 February 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneCharles Williams248 September 2022Greece
Inquest13 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneRaymond Johnson8713 November 2022Maidstone
Inquest13 February 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneGraham Smith5723 November 222Snodland
Inquest13 February 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneSheila Woodward8924 November 2022Gillingham
Pre inquest review13 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneLiam Bentley256 June 2022Eastchurch
Inquest14 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneYuk Lee6319 September 2022St George's Hospital
Inquest14 February 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneLiam Walsh6127 October 2022Headcorn
Pre inquest review14 February 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAayam Chongbang1 day3 August 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest14 February 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJan Kalinski6611 November 2022Maidstone
Inquest14 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneLee Fideghelli4417 August 2022Chatham
Inquest14 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneStephen Hayes771 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest14 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneMichael Russell7821 September 2022Staplehurst
Inquest14 February 20232:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneRichard Dowding8920 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest16 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneCharles Traverso469 March 2022Chatham
Inquest21 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneStepphen Eagles5929 November 2022Chatham
Inquest21 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneTerese Syms557 January 2023Chatham
Inquest21 February 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneMason Feehan2630 November 2022Rochester
Inquest21 February 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneTanya Manser381 December 2022Maidstone Hospital
Pre inquest review21 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneDonna Lane4220 October 2022Rochester
Inquest21 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneRose Hart3 months5 March 2022Gillingham
February 2023
10amCounty Hall, MaidstoneIain Pannell4925 January 2022Maidstone Hospital
Pre inquest review27 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneLee Codling747 November 2022Maidstone
Inquest28 February 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJoan Miles8430 April 2022Maidstone Hospital
Inquest28 February 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneJay John Carr2020 September 2022Snodland
Pre inquest review28 February 20233pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneVincent Harvey6215 December 2020Eastchurch
Inquest1 March 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneJohn Humble639 January 2022Leybourne
Inquest7 March 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneVirginia Hudson8014 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest11 March 20232:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneOlivia Pitt125 August 2022Spain
Inquest14 March 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneDavid Keene646 August 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest14 March 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneCharlotte James1320 December 2022Chatham
Inquest14 March 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneHilda Webster9619 December 2022Maidstone Hospital
Inquest16 March 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneLouise Pring3113 January 2023Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest16 March 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAndrea Lawrence4917 January 2023Kings College Hospital
Pre inquest review16 March 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneBen Fountain3820 June 2022Sheerness
Pre inquest review16 March 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneHarief Pearson251 June 2022Eastchurch
Inquest21 March 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneReece Sertima208 October 2022Snodland
Inquest21 March 202311:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAshley Baverstock4930 December 2022Marden
Inquest21 March 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstonePhilip Parker433 January 2023Sheerness
Inquest21 March 202312:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneZaquira Evelyn Lawson-Cos2231 December 2022Maidstone
Inquest27 March 202310:30amCounty Hall, MaidstoneWilliam Huckfield8418 December 2022Rochester
Inquest27 March 202311amCounty Hall, MaidstoneGeorge Ellison9310 December 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest27 March 202312pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneThomas Chambers688 December 2022Gillingham
Pre inquest review28 March 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneStuart Esson4112 February 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review28 March 20232pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneStephen Bouquet555 January 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review4 April 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneAnthony O'Connell5018 September 2022Eastchurch
Inquest11 April 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneCarole Emanuel8014 December 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review19 April 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneBenjamin Harrison4210 May 2022Rochester
Inquest25 April 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneIvy Lilian Snellin8212 December 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review2 May 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneJohn Eyre7820 November 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest2 May 202311amOakwood House, MaidstoneColin Wood6616 January 2023Gillingham
Inquest2 May 20232pmOakwood House, MaidstoneDerek Robb5531 July 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest2 May 20233:30pmOakwood House, MaidstoneAnita White7216 December 2022Gillingham
Inquest9 May 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneJack Fenton2225 July 2022Athens
Inquest15 to 19 May 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneKevin Brice571 February 2022Maidstone
Inquest23 May 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneJosephine Lamb702 November 2022Kings College Hospital
Inquest26 May 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneAzroy Dawes-Clark2810 November 2021Medway Maritime Hospital
Pre inquest review26 May 202311:30amOakwood House, MaidstonePaul Dealey401 August 2021Eastchurch
Pre inquest review30 May 20232pmOakwood House, MaidstoneTrevor Burchell5612 February 2022Medway Maritime Hospital
Inquest5 to 13 June 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneLuke Sparks312 April 2022Eastchurch
Inquest13 to 15 June 202310:30amOakwood House, MaidstoneHarry Broughton421 April 2022Evelina Childrens Hospital, Westminster
Pre inquest review26 June 202310amOakwood House, MaidstoneRicardas Jonusas3416 December 2022Sheerness
Inquest10 July 202310amCounty Hall, MaidstoneStellios Stylianou5722 December 2022Aylesford
Inquest18 July 202310amOakwood House, MaidstonePaul Paget5917 January 2023Sheerness