Investigations and inquests in Central and South East Kent

This area covers the district council areas of Ashford, Canterbury (part), Dover (part), Folkestone and Hythe, Swale (part).

Senior Coroner

Patricia Harding

Coroner's Officers

(Calls reporting a new death or relating to a current case.)

Telephone: 03000 41 05 02
Address: Coroner Service Team, Cantium House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, ME14 1XD
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

General enquiries

(General enquiries not related to an ongoing case or about a concluded case or related to treasure.)

Telephone: 03000 41 05 03
Coroner Service Team, Cantium House, Sandling Road, Maidstone, ME14 1XD
Office hours:
Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm

Inquests for this area are normally held at Archbishops Palace, Maidstone unless stated otherwise.

The following listings are all provisional and may be subject to changes in date or time even at a late stage in proceedings. If you are intending to attend an inquest please check the listing the day before you are expecting the inquest to be heard for any revisions to time or date.

Inquests can also be listed at short notice and may not always appear on this page. If you are expecting an inquest to be listed and it does not appear on the page below please telephone or email general enquiries using the contact details above.

TypeDateTimePlaceNameAge Date of death Place of death
Inquest16 December 20192pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJacob Wilkinson1 week18 August 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest16 December 20193:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneRichard Evans7730 October 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest17 December 201910:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Moore7226 September 2019M20
Inquest17 December 201911amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneOwen Kinghorn157 September 2019Ashford
Inquest17 December 20192:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneEdwina Ladley9328 October 2019 King's College Hospital
Inquest18 December 201910:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJohn Roberts7015 April 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest18 December 20192pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDuane Gray3218 April 2019Dover
Inquest18 December 20193:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneKenneth Hardy8821 September 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest6 January 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneTerrance Ardley546 September 2019Dover
Inquest7 January 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAnthony Neaves6429 September 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest13 January 202012:30pmCounty Hall, MaidstoneGeoffrey Pack9230 September 2019Hythe
Inquest13 January 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneWendy Batt7622 September 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest13 January 20202:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneRonald Chambers8326 September 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest14 January 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGlenda Nevill6931 July 2019Ashford
Inquest14 January 202011:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAnthony Piper3318 September 2019Hythe
Inquest14 January 20201pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneRaymond Clutton88  
Inquest14 January 20203:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGeorge Parsons8025 September 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest15 January 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAndrew Bates4220 September 2019Folkestone
Inquest20 January 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstonePiotr Lacheta551 October 2019Dover
Inquest20 January 202012pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneLaura Dunk298 October 2019King's College Hospital
Inquest20 January 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneRichard Aldrich39 September 2019King's College Hospital
Inquest20 January 20202:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneValerie Weber7416 October 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest20 January 20203pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDean Norris5019 October 2019Bethersden
Inquest20 January 20203:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneGarry Jones6812 October 2019Folkestone
Inquest21 January 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJames McCormack8022 October 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest21 January 20202:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneTimothy Keen-Hettrick619 September 2019Faversham
Pre inquest review22 January 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstonePeter Winters5121 July 2019Hythe
Inquest22 January 202011:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJean Main8616 October 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest22 January 202012:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneRussell Cordes4918 April 2019Dover
Inquest23 January 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneKeith Fuller664 February 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest24 January 202011amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJeyaratnam Rajaratnam665 December 2019Ashford
Inquest24 January 20203pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneLisa Chiovitti491 October 2019Ashford
Inquest28 January 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAdrian Angus4814 October 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest3 February 202012:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJacqueline Saunders7315 October 2019Dubrovnik, Croatia
Inquest4 February 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneSophie Pearce1726 May 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest4 February 20203pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneParkash Devi Sharma9323 August 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest5 February 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAdrian Mynard4818 August 2019Dover
Inquest5 February 20201pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneEdith Chandler705 June 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest10 February 20203:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Dawson6913 November 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest12 February 20201:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneHilary Shilling5426 March 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest17 February 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneKrystian Sambucci2613 November 2019Folkestone
Inquest17 February 202012pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneThomas Jinks8513 November 2019High Halden
Inquest20 February 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneBeryl Bushnell8323 August 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest24 February 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneDarren Howes545 December 2019Hawkinge
Inquest24 February 20202pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMichael Evans539 November 2019Dover
Inquest27 February 202012pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJonathan Hoad2027 November 2019Dover
Inquest27 February 20202:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneJulian Whiston7216 November 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest2 March 202012:30pmThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneFelix Waldstein172 December 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest4 March 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneAngela Marsh8311 November 2019William Harvey Hospital
Inquest4 March 202011amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneMark White5223 September 2019Dover
Inquest9 March 202010:30amThe Archbishop's Palace, MaidstoneCelia Macnaughton828 August 2019William Harvey Hospital