Infrastructure Funding Statement 2022-2023

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) is a summary of all financial and non-financial developer contributions that we have been involved with over the course of a given financial year.

We're required to publish this in accordance to UK Government planning policy.

IFS content

Along with summary information, the IFS includes:

  • information on Section 106 (S106)
  • legal agreements under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • examples of infrastructure projects that we have delivered, planned or allocated contributions towards, to demonstrate how developer contributions are an essential tool in unlocking and delivering growth across the county.

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for delivering and maintaining a wide range of strategic infrastructure such as roads, schools, and social care, but we may not be the immediate local planning authority for entering into legal agreements with developers.

Thus, we work closely with our local district and borough council colleagues to ensure that our statutory responsibilities can be met, as well as a smooth and timely transfer of developer contributions between the respective authorities. We will report the net result of such transfers within our IFS.

Kent's district and borough councils will publish their own statements with details of all financial and non-financial developer contributions received at district or borough level.

Previous statements

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2020 to 2021

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