Flood Response Plan

The Flood Response Plan sets out the principles of our response to a significant flood in Kent.

The main objective of the plan is to ensure our response is coordinated and protects life and well-being. The protection of property and reduction of environmental damage is a strong supporting objective.

The focus of this plan is primarily on coastal and river flooding. The procedures also partly apply to surface water and ground water flooding resulting from excessive rainfall, although some responsibilities will be different for this circumstance.

The plan provides information on actions, roles and responsibilities in response to a flood in Kent. All responding agencies will hold copies of specific plans relevant to themselves and will use them when responding in conjunction with this plan.

The procedures in this response plan will be activated when any of the following criteria are met:

  • Met Office Severe Weather Warning received for heavy rain or rapid snow melt
  • Flood Watch/Flood Warning/Severe Flood Warning is issued
  • properties are threatened as a result of flooding
  • properties are threatened by flooding
  • intelligence received indicates flooding may occur.