White Ribbon


We are proud to be a White Ribbon accredited organisation and are committed to tackling male violence against women.

White Ribbon encourages people, especially men and boys, to take action and change behaviour individually or collectively to end male violence against women and girls. Their mission is for all men to fulfil the White Ribbon Promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.

Why White Ribbon focuses on male violence against women

While both men and women may experience or carry out violence and abuse, women are considerably more likely to experience repeated and severe forms of abuse, including sexual violence, and men are significantly more likely to be carrying out this violence and abuse. In the year ending March 2020, 92% of defendants in domestic abuse-related prosecutions were male.

To find effective solutions and challenge cultures that permit violence, we need to be able to clearly say that male violence is an issue. This helps us to make sure men and boys are offered support to deal with difficult emotions before violent behaviour becomes an issue for them and those around them, and to hold them accountable when they act violently. By being a part of the global White Ribbon campaign, we are enhancing our commitment to end abuse against women and girls.

How men can help

Most men do not commit violence against women, but all men can have a role in ending it.

We believe men should notice behaviour of their peers and feel confident to challenge opinions that condone misogyny. Men can speak to friends about their actions in open and trusted conversations, challenging cultures that permit abuse. Men can also ensure that the attitude towards women that they accept from their peers is respectful enough that an abuser couldn’t thrive amongst them.

All men can make a difference by thinking about their own behaviour and being prepared to call out sexist and harassing behaviour when they see it.

Andrew Rabey, White Ribbon Ambassador for Kent County Council

Our commitment

Over the next 3 years, we will:

  • raise awareness and campaign to end male violence against women
  • engage with men, those who identify as being men, and boys to promote positive cultures throughout our staff teams and services
  • raise awareness of violence and abuse and the services available to help.

Help us end male violence against women by making the White Ribbon Promise to never use, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.

These actions are just part of the work we're doing to help people live free from abuse. Read our Domestic Abuse Strategy.