Our workplace race equality action plan

We want to be a proactively anti-racist employer.

It’s why we’re signed up to the national movement, Race Equality Matters, which supports organisations to improve their workplace culture and empower people to tackle race inequality.

Our commitment to staff

As an employer we make 4 commitments to our staff:

  1. We have a zero-tolerance policy to racism and micro-aggressions.
  2. We have an inclusive recruitment programme.
  3. We will work to remove discriminatory barriers to career progression.
  4. We promote allyship and inclusive action at all levels of our business.

Each of our commitments has specific goals, which we monitor our progress toward each year.

Zero-tolerance policy

We will make a clear statement of intent to address racism, discrimination and inequality.

Our employees understand the consequences of discrimination and not supporting anti-racism.

We acknowledge that racism exists in our society and take anti-racist action within the systems of society, including our own local partnerships.

Inclusive recruitment

We will improve our recruitment processes to attract diverse talent, ensure fair treatment and a positive experience.

We will speak with pride of our work to improve diversity and be representative of the communities we serve.

Career progression

We will make sure our employees have access to the development and support they need to succeed and thrive.

Allyship and inclusive action

We will create and maintain an inclusive workplace culture, where our people display the behaviours we expect to see.

We will raise awareness of inclusion, an understanding of race issues, and improve the psychological safety of our employees from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Social care action plan

In addition to our whole-organisation race equality action plan, we are also one of 18 local authorities signed up as pilot sites to the Social Care Workforce Race Equality standard.

Developed within the NHS, it focuses on the social care sector and is a process that organisations can use to address, evidence and make progress in race equality.

Read the Adult Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standard: May 2022 action plan (PDF, 180.2 KB).