Our workplace mental health commitment

As an employer, we are signed up to the Mental Health at Work Commitment​.

The commitment has 6 principles which are to:

  • prioritise mental health in the workplace
  • create work practices and organisational design to support positive mental health
  • promote an open culture around mental health
  • improve understanding of mental health issues
  • provide mental health tools and support
  • increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting.

Our focus

We have created a mental wellbeing plan based on the 6 standards, which include these focus areas:

  • Identify teams where absence due to mental health is high and give managers and employees the right support.
  • Continue to raise awareness of and promote positive conversations about mental health.
  • Continue to provide training and development.
  • Help people find support and continue to improve what support we can offer.
  • Support and promote our staff group, The Mental Health Support Network.
  • Develop our financial wellbeing support.​