Local Children's Partnership Groups

Local Children’s Partnership Groups (LCPGs), bring a number of partner organisations together with the aim of improving outcomes for children and young people in Kent. They work collaboratively to understand and meet the needs of their local residents. The LCPGs have yearly district partnership priorities, an annual plan and access to Early Help Grant funding to support any improvements.

The partner organisations include:

  • Kent County Council
  • district, city and borough councils
  • Community Safety Partnerships
  • NHS Kent and Medway
  • health
  • schools
  • colleges
  • early years
  • police
  • housing
  • voluntary and community sector.

Purpose of the group

  • Be highly-focussed, data driven and always underpinned by delivering a measurable improvement in the priority outcomes for children and young people across the full 0 – 19 (and up to 25) age group.
  • Maintain significant oversight and exploit opportunities to influence improved delivery of non-statutory multi agency service provision in the district.
  • Drive and promote service integration across non-statutory multi-agency services.
  • Debate and explore ideas to address current, emerging and future needs.
  • Develop local thematic priorities and a single, district-wide partnership action plan, influenced by the voice of children, young people and their caregivers.
  • Consider how resources, including grant funding, can be pooled and/or utilised to maximise impact.
  • Feed into the wider strategic Kent 0-25 Health and Wellbeing Board, through the alignment of priorities, linking in and raising thematic trends.

Read about the district priorities.

Structure and meeting cycle

The LCPGs, which are led by county council members, bring together the Young People’s Partnership Conversation (YPPC) 8 to 19 and up to 25 group, and the Children’s Partnership Conversation (CPC) 0 to 7 year group. These groups feed into the LCPG to add strength and greater district coordination. The following structure chart and meeting cycle show how these meetings work together and meet throughout the year:

LCPGs are also supported by their vice chair (Kent County Council’s Area Open Access Service Manager) and LCPG coordinator (Kent County Council’s Area Partnership Manager).

If you'd like to get in touch, please contact the Area Partnership Manager for your district in the first instance. Their contact details can be found in the document below.

View the full list of chairs, vice chairs and coordinators and their contact details.

Children’s Partnership Conversation meetings are chaired by the District Children’s Centre Delivery Manager and the Young People’s Partnership Conversation meetings are chaired by the District Youth Hub Delivery Managers.

Access to Early Help Grant funding

LCPGs have access to Early Help Grant funding to support new and existing not-for-profit organisations and innovative projects which contribute to meeting the local need and priorities for children and young people across all 12 Kent districts.

Get regular updates

As part of their important work in the districts and to respond to local requests and needs, the LCPGs have developed area directories of support services to enable partners and schools to access information about local services and resources.

In addition, in the east and south, the LCPGs produce a partnership bulletin containing fast paced information about new services, opportunities, training, funding and best practice, which is shared with partners and schools every month.

Each Area Partnership Manager (APM) has strong networks and links with partners, schools and the community and voluntary sector, and they communicate with these regularly.

Please contact your local APM to get regular updates: