About the Kent Resource Partnership

The Kent Resource Partnership is a partnership between the district councils and us. They collect discarded household materials in Kent and we deal with what happens to it afterwards.

As a group we look at how we can improve waste management in Kent.

Kent waste statistics

View a breakdown of Kent’s Recycling & Composting, Waste to Energy and Landfill from 2005/06 to 2019/20 (PDF, 168.1 KB).

Date of press releaseStatement
August 2021Kent Councils call for tougher legal action on fly-tippers (PDF, 199.3 KB)
March 2021Producers and councils join forces on ‘public confidence in recycling charter’ (PDF, 183.8 KB)
August 2020Kent councils urge magistrates to take greater action on fly tippers (PDF, 542.5 KB)
February 2019Kent’s 13 councils show the dangers of driving recklessly on pavements (PDF, 520.5 KB)
June 2018
December 2017Kent’s food waste recycling up 6% and residual waste down 4 ½ % following targeted campaign (PDF, 384.3 KB)
September 2017"Under 3% landfill" reveals Kent's 'new look' annual report unveiled at its conference (PDF, 424.2 KB)
June 201690% of Kent’s recycling and waste for 2014/15 processed within the UK (PDF, 405.3 KB)
January 2016WRAP, M&S and MetalMatters support KRP communications with grants totalling £110,694 (PDF, 404.7 KB)
November 2015Paul Vanston to go from Kent to Cambridgeshire (PDF, 397.6 KB)
February 2015Statement on Aylesford Newsprint Ltd (PDF, 184.3 KB)
March 2014£60 million net benefit to Kent taxpayers via partnership working (PDF, 226.8 KB)
July 2014M&S, Sainsbury's and leading industry organisations launch in-market trial to significantly increase CPET tray recycling (PDF, 300.8 KB)
June 2013

Contact us

If you have any questions about Kent Resource Partnership email krp@kent.gov.uk.