Councillor allowances

We publish a list of the allowances and expenses claimed by our county councillors each year:

You can also view the allowances and expenses claimed by our county councillors during the current year:


Allowances are set by County Council after receiving recommendations from the Member Remuneration Panel, made up of 3 people independent of the council.

All councillors receive a basic allowance (£17,123.06 for 2024/25) to perform their duties. These include:

  • preparing for and attending all formal and informal meetings that they are invited to
  • meetings with constituents
  • dealing with enquiries from their constituents.

The basic allowance also covers the use of an elected member's home for conducting Kent County Council business, particularly in their division, the costs of phone calls and general stationery.

Some elected members receive an additional allowance for any special responsibility that they might have as a member of the council, such as being a Cabinet member or a committee chairman.


Elected members are allowed to claim travelling expenses for their official duties at the rates set by Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for business travel. Currently these rates are 45p for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile thereafter.

Taxi fares are only reimbursed on production of a receipt if it is not practical to use public transport or their own car.

Elected members are also allowed to claim expenses for caring responsibilities, either for a child under 16 or a dependent adult.

Expenses for lunch, stationery, phone calls and other routine subsistence expenses are not normally reimbursed because this is covered by the basic allowance.

Just like any other salary all allowances are subject to tax and national insurance and elected members have no other provision to claim from the council, other than mileage.

No other allowances or expenses are payable.