Annual performance of payments

In line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, we are required to publish data of our performance over the financial year which we publish at the end of each financial year.

The data will demonstrate our performance on paying in 30 days to first tier suppliers and prime contractors over the previous 12 months.

Financial yearPercentage of invoices paid within 30 daysInterest (£'s) actually paid to suppliersInterest (£'s) liable to be paid to suppliersNumber of invoices not paid within 30 days
2017 to 201888.21%£0.00£1,045,859.4838,469
2018 to 201989.86%£0.00£1,540,753.0139,540
2019 to 202089.43%£0.00£1,446,498.3643,224
2020 to 202191.25%£0.00£1,374,131.2736,250
2021 to 202290.66%£0.00£1,189,138.0041,810
2022 to 202392.22%£20,331.18£842,354.1936,712