Protect land against new rights of way and village greens

You can protect your land from new public rights of way or village greens by making it clear to the public that they have no right to cross or be on your land.

Action may include:

  • putting up carefully worded notices
  • locking a gate at least once a year
  • challenging people using your land and making a note of dates, times and names if possible
  • depositing a statement, map and declaration with us.

Find out your rights and responsibilities.

Deposit a statement and map

Depositing a statement and map means you're letting us know about existing public rights of way across your land and declaring you have no intention to dedicate any further routes to the public.

Download the guidance notes and application form (PDF, 305.9 KB).

We’ll process your deposit within 28 days. We then keep your information in a public deposits register, which you need to update every 20 years.

Advice about making a deposit: please call us on 03000 41 71 71 or email for advice about making a deposit.

Annual deposit registers

The register of deposits records all deposits that have been made each year, showing the public rights of way that landowners recognise on their land.  

You can search in the deposit registers using the 'find' tool:

  • open one of the deposit register documents below
  • open the tool by holding the "Ctrl" + "F" keys down
  • enter your search criteria (postcode, parish or another keyword) into the search box and click "next"
  • it will search the document and either highlight your search criteria or advise if it cannot be found.

If you can't download these documents please contact

Recent deposits

Notices of recent deposits, arranged alphabetically by parish: