Reconnect programme update - video transcript

This transcript is for a video on the Reconnect page.

Title card: Reconnect, Kent children and young people programme.

Narrator: "Kent County Council’s Reconnect Programme for Kent Children and Young People has made a great start."

Images of children enjoying various activities is displayed.

Narrator: "With a summer packed full of fun and engaging programmes and activities, you have supported our children and young people to reconnect with everything they missed out on during the pandemic."

The following are displayed on screen:

  • Health and happiness
  • Learning missed
  • Friends, family and community
  • Sport, activities and outdoors
  • Economic wellbeing.

Narrator: "Organisations all over Kent are really starting to make a difference in the lives of our children and young people. 150,000 young person and 40,000 family bus passes were issued for free by 14 different bus companies, which opened up a range of opportunities for those who would otherwise struggle to access them.

Discounted leisure passes for eligible children were a huge hit too,

Also, there were lots and lots of local events, learning opportunities and ‘fun’ activities on offer to children and young people throughout Kent.

Some examples of these included holiday clubs, sport club taster sessions, American flag football, water sports, animation projects, go karting, woodland crafts and survival skills, archery and basketball.

A range of youth groups, clubs and organisations opened up their doors too, and welcomed young people, helping them to develop self-esteem, build confidence and improve their mental health, make new friends and engage in many new things that they never would have had the opportunity to do.

All of these opportunities were only possible because of the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers committed to helping young people reconnect."

Title card: What do families say?

Parent: “My children are cooped up in a one room flat.  Thank you I can take them out every day now.”(Parent) “Having access to a holiday club for free is wonderful. It is not an opportunity I could normally afford for my child.”

Young Person: “I have really benefited from the freedom to get out and about and meet my friends, it has also given me more confidence.”

Young Person 2: “I have been struggling with this subject for a long time now, I now fully understand it!! It is very nice of you to take time out of your day to help us.”

Narrator: "But we have more we need to do! We still need your help to continue the great work that has already started, as without the support from local businesses, clubs, and organisations, we would not be able to deliver such a wide range of experiences to young people and their families in Kent.

Our Reconnect Young Person’s Steering Group represents Kent children and young people. They have told us young people want to continue to have the activities available to them that Reconnect delivered this summer, such as sports, arts, days out and holiday clubs. They also felt they needed more opportunities to catch up on learning missed, meet up with other young people and attend activities that support their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

So, what can you continue to do to help young people?

  • You can apply for funding to provide additional activities/learning opportunities for young people
  • Think about how your organisation could contribute to the Reconnect Programme to help those in your community who have missed out because of the pandemic
  • You can help us promote Reconnect to your young people, their families and to your networks

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, so what better time to come together in Kent to continue to ensure that we are putting our children and young people first?

For more information on how to support the Reconnect Programme, go to:"

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