SPACE matters

Supporting People with Adverse Childhood Experiences (SPACE) matters is a collaborative project across Kent and Medway to prevent and reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Our vision is to support trauma informed working across a wide range of professional settings and services.

Adverse childhood experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are some of the most intense, and frequently experienced, sources of stress that children may suffer early in life. They include multiple types of abuse including:

  • neglect
  • violence between parents or caregivers
  • alcohol and substance abuse
  • peer, community and collective violence.

Global research consistently shows an association between multiple ACEs and health harming behaviours, physical and mental health in adulthood. The strongest associations are seen between violence perpetration and victimisation, mental ill-health and substance misuse.

Poor outcomes are not inevitable.

Early intervention, particularly in childhood, can make a difference.

We all must show understanding to those who may have suffered ACEs, helping explore through our work the question; “What happened to you, and what may help you?”

Become an ACE Ambasador

The ACE Ambassador programme is a place-based approach to system change.

Ambassadors support practitioners working in Kent by:

  • building knowledge
  • providing opportunities to work collaboratively
  • developing initiatives to reduce the impacts of ACEs
  • supporting a trauma informed approach to care.

There are more than 20 ACE Ambassadors in the Ramsgate area, and 14 in Swale.

For more information about the programme, email


The RELATE framework

We have created The RELATE framework (PDF, 335.5 KB) to support organisations to embed trauma informed approaches in their work.

The framework is an easy-to-follow guide which includes:

  • being sensitive to the impacts of trauma
  • supporting recovery
  • seeking to prevent retraumatisation within services.


In 2019 we organised 2 conferences for professionals who work with young people. The events included workshops and featured expert professional speakers from Kent and Medway

View the event slides slides from:

Both events were very successful and we look forward to organising more when circumstances allow.


We have created a podcast series featuring our host, Lara Hogan, in conversation with professionals already working in trauma informed ways.

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Episode 1, Creating Safe Spaces, features Jane Hetherington, a psychotherapist, and Paul Moss, who works in Youth Justice.

Listen to episode 1 of SPACEmatters on Soundcloud

Episode 2, Developing Resilience, features Jo Mapp, from Project Motorhouse and Jo Baldwin, from Oasis Domestic Abuse Service.

Listen to episode 2 of SPACEmatters on Soundcloud