Smokefree videos

Kent experts explain the benefits that quitting smoking can have for you, your family and your pets.

Keeping your children safe

Susan Bray, Family Nurse Supervisor, explains the affect second hand smoke has on children.

Keeping your pets safe

Dr Rosé Edmonds, Veterinary Surgeon, explains the impact of smoke on your pet's health.

Dr Rosé Edmonds, Veterinary Surgeon, explains how to keep your pet safe while you are quitting.

Look and feel better

Hayley Colyer, Beautician, explains how to improve your skin's appearance.

Philip Hales, Hairdresser, explains how to get healthier looking hair.

Where to find help

Sunil Kochhar, Consultant Pharmacist, explains what help is available from your local pharmacy.

Susan Saunders, Stop Smoking Advisor, explains how our Smokefree services can keep you motivated to quit.