Geoffrey’s story

Smokefree Geoffrey
I’m breathing better than I have done in years!
Geoffrey, 45, Kent

Geoffrey, 45, a shop worker from Kent, started smoking at the age of just 16. After nearly 30 years of smoking and with the help of his local pharmacy, Geoffrey has now been smoke free for almost a year.

Geoffrey started smoking because he thought he would look ‘cool’ amongst his friends. He started smoking a few a day but like many, this crept up to 25 a day, and before he knew it he was spending £25 a week on cigarettes.

Geoffrey decided it was time to kick the habit and went to see his GP, who referred him to a stop smoking group. Although he was positive about the group, Geoffrey found the timing of the groups did not suit him as he works night shifts so he sought help from his local pharmacy and opted for one-to-one support.

It wasn’t easy quitting and Geoffrey had tried at least 5-10 times to kick the habit. This time however, it was recommended that he tried using an inhalator alongside his patches, which he said was key to his success. He used the inhalator to combat his cravings and although they were bad in the first two months, with some determination it did become easier and more manageable.

Geoffrey has now been smoke free for almost a year and he says the sense of achievement is really empowering. He also revealed that his breathing is the best it has been for years and he feels so much better in himself. The best advice Geoffrey could give to anyone wishing to quit smoking would be to seek help from the many services on offer because one of the options will work for you.

We asked Geoffrey what he has some with the money he would have previously spent on cigarettes and he said:

“I’m making improvements to my home. It keeps me busy. I’m finally free of cigarettes and it is one of the best things that I have done”.

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