Emma’s story

Smokefree Emma
I don’t ever want my son to see me smoking.
Emma, Ashford, Kent

Emma is a full time mother from Singleton in Ashford, Kent. She started smoking at just 15 because her friends did and at that time it was very cool to smoke. Emma smoked 20 cigarettes a day and would smoke more when she would go out socialising. Emma has successfully quit previously and was smoke free for six years before starting again during a very difficult period in her life.

But in July 2015 Emma decided to give up again. After having her baby son, she decided that she wanted to quit smoking for him and has found that this motivation has really helped her to stay smoke free this time.

Emma spoke to her local pharmacy and joined their quit programme. The flexibility and good opening times suited Emma and her lifestyle and she felt she could fit in the one to one support around her son and childcare. Emma liked attending and talking about how she was getting on. The service was supportive and encouraging.

“The pharmacist would test the level of carbon monoxide in my body, which helped me to keep going. I really wanted to stick with the quit this time and do well”.

Emma knows that you should want to give up smoking for yourself and your own health, but understands that sometimes that isn’t enough. Having someone to quit for, really made the difference.

“I wanted to set a good example to my son and give him the chance to grow up in a smoke free environment”.

Money previously spent on cigarettes is now spent on her son.

“What I am spending my smoking money on now is my son. I don’t have to find extra money from somewhere else and that is a great feeling” I also feel free from cigarettes and I am happy to not be dependent on cigarettes anymore”.

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