Coralie’s story

Smokefree Coralie
That one urge to have a cigarette is going to go in a few minutes.
Coralie, 76, Ramsgate, Kent

Coralie, 76, lives in Ramsgate and she is retired with two children. Coralie began smoking at the age of 20. She began her stop smoking journey on 20 January this year. It was a new year and Coralie wanted a new start – a life without cigarettes and a chance to breathe properly.

Coralie quit with help from her GP and the quit club she attends once a week in the evening – which she says is very casual and helpful.

After 50 years of smoking Coralie wanted to quit smoking because she was having trouble breathing. After one unsuccessful attempt in the past, she was determined that she would make a change and would not die smoking. She found that the support from Stop Smoking Services in Kent has really made a difference this time around and thanks to them and her determination she is finally smoke free.

Coralie coped with her cravings by reading a good book. Every time she thought about smoking she would pick up her book and read. The story would take her mind off smoking and the craving would pass.

“The most difficult thing has been thinking that you will never have another cigarette again, but you quickly realize how amazing that feeling is. The cravings quickly pass and you can take control of them”.

Coralie is looking and feeling better since quitting. She has noticed a big improvement in her skin and she is able to breathe clearer – the main motivation for quitting in the first place. Coralie now enjoys going to an aqua aerobics class at her local fitness centre. She says that keeping busy has really helped her cope with the cravings.

“Keep busy and active. That’s my advice for anyone thinking of giving up. Replace smoking with something else and accept the help and join a quit club and go each week for support – it’s worth it”.

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