Bruce’s story

Smokefree Bruce
I just thought that it’s the right thing to do!
Bruce, 55, Monkton, Kent

Bruce, 55, is a plasterer who lives in Monkton with his wife and two children.  Until recently, Bruce would smoke 20 roll ups a day and would spend £3.20 a day on his habit. He stopped smoking on the 15 November 2015 – a date he will always remember.

This is his third quit attempt. Bruce knows how easy it is to relapse; he has said that it was just ‘one puff’ that led him to starting smoking again but he is determined that it won’t happen again. It has been more than six months and he is still smoke free.

“I knew about the NHS stop smoking service for a long time and when I went for a routine check up at my doctor’s surgery I was referred to Sue, a stop smoking advisor. I was a bit hesitant at first but I attended the  quit club run by Sue and found it was very good. I was given information about different nicotine replacement therapies an found that after not getting on very well with one method, Sue started me on something else and it worked for me”.

The support Bruce received from Sue and the other members of his quit club gave him the encouragement to continue on the smoke free path. He quickly realised that it was normal to be feeling a particular way and he was able to talk to his group about this, rather than go back to cigarettes.

Bruce decided to quit to improve his health, as he was not feeling very healthy. Only two weeks after quitting he said he started to feel better.  Now, he regularly reminds himself about the reasons why he quit and why smoking isn’t good for him.

Since quitting, the money Bruce spent on smoking has been spent on a new pair of trainers and he has started walking regularly. His goal is to walk five miles per day. Apart from the improvement in his health and wellbeing Bruce says the best thing about quitting is ‘not rushing down the shop in the morning to buy a packet of cigarettes or standing outside in the cold’.

His advice for people trying to quit is to pick a time in their lives when they are ready and tell yourself you can rather than you can’t.

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