Kent Together additional information

How the helpline is run

As we start returning to a more normal life we continue to coordinate the Kent Together helpline in case you need help. The helpline will feed the information through to the hubs operating in district and borough council teams to ensure people get the support they need, when they need it. People’s needs will be assessed and staff will liaise with community hubs in the districts to prioritise those who need urgent help.

Medway residents should visit the Medway Council support webpage for further information on how to request support. If Medway residents request support using the Kent Together helpline, we will pass these onto our colleagues in Medway Council.

Requesting help using the online form

When you complete the online form, the information you provide is sent to your district or borough council. We use the postcode and address information you provide to determine which district or borough council to send your request onto. They will then get in touch by phone or email to find out more or to arrange support with you.

Your local community hub will work with local partners to get you the help you need. However they will have to prioritise calls for assistance depending on how urgent they are. If you do not hear from them or receive the help and support that you need then you can call the Kent Together helpline.

Your personal information

We will use the information you provide to process a request for support. We will share the information you provide with district and borough councils in Kent and other agencies and organisations involved in providing or administering community support. We aim to protect people’s privacy and confidentiality and will only share personal information where necessary to provide support or comply with the law. For more information read our Kent Together privacy notice.

Help is not restricted to people in certain age groups, but we ask for your date of birth to help match requests against:

  • existing customers
  • those identified by central government as being 'shielded'.

Requesting help for someone else

You can complete the form on behalf of someone else, such as a relative or neighbour, but it’s best to let them know that you have requested support on their behalf. The request will be directed to the district or borough council covering the address of the person in need of support, not the person who has requested it.

Staying safe in your home

You should not let anyone into your home without appropriate identification. Most services are still operating remotely and will leave supplies on your doorstep. Sadly, there have been cases in Kent of heartless criminals pretending to be offering help to the vulnerable and self-isolating, so it’s vital that you do not let anybody into your house. If you have any doubt at all, please contact the appropriate organisation for confirmation.

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