Kent Sheds

Join a shed, learn new skills and make new friends.

Kent Sheds are open to everyone over the age of 18 and are aimed especially at men. They can help to improve your wellbeing, increase your skills for employment and give you new social connections.  You may benefit from joining if you are:

  • not in work due to disability or caring for relatives
  • retired
  • isolated and looking to make new friends.

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What are Kent Sheds?

Kent Sheds is based on the international Men’s Sheds model. The idea behind the Men’s Sheds movement is that men are more likely to thrive in informal spaces, in the company of their peers, and through engaging in practical activities such as sharing and learning skills and helping the community.

At a Shed, you can take part in practical group activities such as woodworking and gardening, sharing and learning new skills, and also support other "shedders"  by working with them shoulder to shoulder.

One example is the Dover Shed which is actually a boat! Meet some of the Dover Shedders and hear their story: