How much you will pay for care and support

If you think you might need care or support, you can ask for a needs assessment (also known as a 'community care assessment'). The assessment will identify what care and support services you need. Some of the services you need may not be free - you may need to pay for them. Charges for care and support vary depending on the type of help you need.

Financial assessment

If you are assessed as needing care and support, we will then assess how much you need to pay towards the full cost. This is called a financial assessment.

The financial assessment looks at your capital (such as savings and investments) and your weekly income (including pensions and benefits) to see how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of your support. We use guidelines set by the government to decide this. We may contribute to the cost of your care but this depends on the result of the financial assessment.

If you need to pay for some or all of your care and support there are several ways to pay.

For those who do have to pay for the full cost of their care there is a scheme called deferred payments which helps people who either do not wish to sell their home or who cannot sell it quickly enough to pay for their care.

The NHS also offer good advice about choosing the right care home. You will also need to think about how you will fund your stay in residential care. Find out more about paying for residential care.

Cap on care costs delay

Changes to the total amount you will pay for care, called the cap on care costs, have been delayed by Government from 2016 until April 2020. Read more about the cap on care costs.