Kara service

We need your views on our draft Adult Social Care Strategy, which sets out what will be different, and outlines the principles we will follow to achieve our 5 year vision.

Take part in the Adult Social Care Strategy consultation by 24 October 2021.

In partnership with RETHINK Partners and Alcove, we are introducing the Kara service as part of a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The service provides vulnerable people with virtual care and support via video carephones. Those with little or no technical ability, are able to connect with loved ones and caregivers.

With the support of family members, we have delivered and remotely set up over 1,000 of the 2,000 Alcove carephones we have, to those who needed them most.

Many users have already told us that the videophones are having a positive impact on their life. With users being able to connect with long lost friends who they haven't seen in years. Others have been able to use the integrated Help@home app to order basic shopping.

Anyone can use the app to make calls, issue reminders and check in on our user's general health and wellbeing.

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Request a Kara device

If you feel that a carephone would help a relative or a friend, who doesn't use any other video communication technology and is at risk of social isolation email karaservice@kent.gov.uk to find out more.

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