Sensors, monitors and alarms

For safety in your own home and peace of mind for those who care for you, there are a number of electronic sensors, detectors, monitors, apps and alarms available.

These can keep track of either your home environment (like fire or carbon monoxide alarms) or your own wellbeing and mobility (like movement sensors and fall detectors). Many of them can automatically call for help if needed and also send reassurance to your family and friends that you are safe and well.

If you only require a sensor, monitor or alarm, you can buy these from private companies and organisations.

If you need an alarm, as well as other adaptations to your home, we may be able to provide them for you if we find you're eligible through a community needs assessment.

Where to get more information

Get information on what's available and where you can buy from on:

If you're over 50, our care navigators can talk to you about your options for staying safe and independent in your own home.