Personal assistants or care workers

Sometimes you may need people to come into your home and help you - either with your own personal care or with everyday household tasks that you may find difficult. You won't always need a lot of help or need it for a long time. Our enablement workers can often help you become more independent in your daily life.

If you think that having professional care workers or personal assistants come into your home is what you need, please speak to your case worker or care manager. If you don't have anyone to talk to because you haven't had help from us before, please get in touch.

Or you may just need a friend or companion to visit you. Loneliness often makes staying in your own home more difficult and befriending or day centre services may help.

For more personal care like help with bathing or using the toilet, there are different sorts of care workers and personal assistants who can come in to help you. Depending on what you need them to do and how often you need them to come, they will cost different amounts. You can search for organisations who provide help at home.

If you employ a personal assistant using direct payments, you become their employer, with all the same responsibilities as any employer.

You can also find out how to register as a personal assistant in Kent.

What a personal assistant does

A PA is someone who is employed to help people do a variety of day-to-day activities, including:

  • personal care, washing and bathing
  • cooking and preparing food
  • meeting people, socialising and leisure activities
  • shopping
  • taking or injecting medicine
  • getting to and using the toilet
  • banking, paying bills, collecting pensions or benefits.

Find out more about the role and what an employer looks for on the Skills for Care website.