Support for adults after diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with high functioning autism, or your GP thinks it highly likely, our Autism Spectrum Conditions team can help you. You must be 18 or older, or 17 and moving over to adult services. We can help in a number of ways.

Information and advice

We can give you information and advice about autism and other conditions. We will also make sure you know all you need to know about benefits, housing support and employment and tell you about other services and support you.

Care assessments and support planning

Care assessments help identify your care and support needs and whether you are eligible for support from us. We will work with you to look at any difficulties you are experiencing in your day to day life, consider your strengths and develop ways to reach your personal goals. Find out more about getting a care assessment

After the assessment we will work with you to write a support plans. Support plans are all about meeting your needs. It is a package of care and support that is designed to give you the right level and type of care and support when you need it.

Support could be help from family and friends or other support, such as learning independence skills or applying for supported living accommodation.

Help living independently

If you need help to live more independently we can offer you assessments with occupational therapists and sensory needs specialists. It may result in learning new skills or providing equipment such as squeeze jackets or weighted blankets to reduce every day stress and difficulties.

Contact the Autism Spectrum Condition team

Call: 03000 418100
Text relay: 18001 0300 333 5540