School and pre-school help for deaf, blind or deafblind children

We can support your child once they have a medical diagnosis of:

  • deafness
  • visual impairment
  • or deafblindness.

Support your child may receive

We will tailor our support to suit your child's needs through advice and information or regular support visits.

Specialist support may include:

  • help communicating – for example helping them to develop language and listening skills, signing, how to use touch and learning to use Braille
  • promoting independence and wellbeing – for example, helping your child to do their school work independently and use their equipment positively
  • training to help them get around (mobility training) and specialist activities
  • sensory play
  • monitoring progress and achievement
  • supporting your child's pre-school, nursery or school by providing training or equipment. Schools can find out more about our Specialist Teaching and Learning Services on our KELSI website.

Get support

If you'd like to find out more about the support we can provide, if your child has a:

Hearing impairment

West and North Kent - call 07920 58 54 33 or email

East and South Kent - call 07825 38 01 52 or email

Visual impairment

Call 07795 15 13 64 or email

Multi sensory impairment and deafblindness

Call 07825 013362 or email

If your child is at a state special school, the sensory link professional there should contact us to discuss support, or find out more information about the team.

What happens next

Once we receive your referral, we'll be in touch within 2 or 3 days to discuss your child's needs and the support we can provide.