Personal protective equipment (PPE) for unpaid carers

We're working with the Department of Health and Social Care, and in partnership with carers organisations to offer free personal protective equipment (PPE) to unpaid carers living in Kent. If you don't live in Kent, please contact your local authority or local carers organisation for support.


To get free PPE from us, you need to be an adult or child who:

  • looks after a friend or family member due to disability, age, addiction or ill health
  • does not get paid and the care is not linked to paid work or voluntary work
  • provides care to someone who doesn't live in the same household.

Recommended levels of PPE

The level of PPE you need will depend on the type of care you provide. We recommend that you follow the government PPE guidance for people delivering homecare.

If you provide close personal care and touch the person you care for, or you're within 2 metres of anyone in the household who is coughing, you may need:

  • gloves
  • an apron
  • a fluid repellent mask
  • eye protection (in certain circumstances).

If you don't come within 2 metres of the person you're caring for, only a face covering is required and you don't need to order PPE.

Order PPE

Please only order the PPE you need for the next 3 months based on government guidance. If the guidance remains in place beyond this time, and you run out, please place a new order.

Order PPE for unpaid carers

If you need any help or support ordering PPE, please speak to your local carers organisation or to Kent Young Carers (Imago Community) if you're a young carer.

Information on using PPE

For more information about how and when to use PPE correctly, read Public Health England's PPE guide.