Kara service

In 2020, we are introduced the Kara service as part of a response to the coronavirus pandemic in partnership with RETHINK Partners and Alcove.

The service provides people with virtual care and support through videophones. Those with little or no technical ability, are able to connect with loved ones and caregivers.

Many users of the service have told us that the videophones are have had a positive impact on their life. The service was recognised in the 2022 Health Tech Digital Awards where it won the ‘COVID-19 Solution for Safeguarding the Vulnerable'.

With the contract for the Kara service due to end in April this year and as we move out of the pandemic, we have taken the opportunity to look at how we use new technology as a whole to enable people to live safely at home. This will be part of our Technology Enabled Care Service which will coming in September 2023.

During the transition period, we will only be taking requests for Kara devices from our adult social care teams for people who are eligible to receive social care support from us.

If you would like more information on Kara or how to make a request email karaservice@kent.gov.uk.

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