Mount Pleasant Road Tunbridge Wells

Our project will improve cycle facilities, reduce the road width and create more pedestrian space with a new public square.

We will improve pedestrian access around the Civic Centre complex on Mount Pleasant Road, from Monson Road to Church Road.

The project will:

  • have six phases
  • reduce the width of the road
  • install pedestrian paving across Mount Pleasant Road, Monson Road and York Road
  • create a public square for use on occasions such as Remembrance Sunday
  • improve public seating and cycle facilities.

We support Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s Five Year Plan and its commitment to improve public spaces in the town centre.

Our project should reduce traffic through Mount Pleasant Road and give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

The project will have six phases and we expect to finish on 18 October 2019.

Phase 1

28 January – 18 March 2019

We closed the Civic Way as we temporarily removed parking bays. We used temporary traffic lights for 1 night as we removed the pedestrian island on Monson Road, by the Civic Way exit.

Phases 2

3 March 2019

Works took place to position a raised granite table within a road closure on Monson Road.

Phase 3

27 April to 27 July 2019

We widened the footway on the eastern side of Mount Pleasant Road and relocated the bus shelters.

Phase 4

7 July to 1 October 2019

We will widen the footway on the western side of Mount Pleasant Road and will relocate bus shelters.

Phase 5

8 July to 2 September 2019

There will be a temporary road closure of Mount Pleasant Road to construct two granite table features and to resurface the carriageway.

All existing bus operations will stop from this area with alternative temporary bus stops in Church Road, Crescent Road and Mount Pleasant Road south. The road will open on 2 September in time for start of school term.

Phase 6

12 August to 30 September 2019

York Road will be temporarily closed at the junction with Mount Pleasant Road to construct a granite raised table and change the footway paving blocks. At the same time the slight carriageway collapse in Mount Pleasant Road will be investigated and corrective works will be carried out.

To accommodate the two way traffic flow in York Road, approximately nine parking bays will be suspended.

York Road and Suffolk Mews residents will be able to use Crescent Road car park free of charge between 4pm and 10am, daily by displaying their zone parking permit whilst the closure is operating.

To access Crescent Road vehicles will have to turn around either at the end of York Road/ Mount Pleasant Road or at the Suffolk Mews access road.

You can email with any questions about the project.