West Malling feeder service

In summer 2017 we are launching 5 public transport pilot schemes designed to improve accessibility and sustainability of rural public transport in Kent.

The pilots were first introduced to the public as part of our Big Conversation public consultation during July 2018.

Rural transport pilot scheme for West Malling

KCC currently support the service 58 in West Malling. The proposal revises this service to become a feeder bus which provides more frequent journeys for the villages currently served. To enable this, the number 58 bus would no longer go all the way into Maidstone. Instead, passengers would change onto frequent buses into Maidstone.

Two proposals have been devised which would feed into existing commercial services that run into Maidstone Town Centre.

  • Proposal one – a feeder bus where passengers transfer at Martin Square, Larkfield
  • Proposal two – a feeder bus where passengers transfer at Maidstone Hospital, Barming

The West Malling pilot scheme will serve:

  • Addington
  • Birling
  • East Malling
  • Leybourne
  • Ryarsh
  • Trottiscliffe
  • Wrotham Heath

The new interchange would offer shelter and a real time departure information board.

Existing school services on the 58 route will continue uninterrupted.

A public consultation will take place from 22 January to 19 February 2019 to gather feedback on the proposals.