West Malling 58 feeder service

The West Malling 58 feeder service is 1 of 5 public transport pilot schemes designed to improve the accessibility and sustainability of rural public transport in Kent.

Difference from the existing 58 service

The 58 feeder service serves the same villages as the existing 58 service, but terminates at Maidstone Hospital rather than continue to Maidstone town centre.

You can travel to Maidstone town centre by changing to another bus at the South Aylesford Retail Park interchange. The interchange offers shelter and real-time information boards which display connecting services: You only need to buy 1 ticket for a complete journey to Maidstone town centre.

The pilot is running for 12 months from Monday 15 July. If the pilot is unsuccessful the existing 58 service will be reinstated.

The 558 school service is unaffected by the pilot.


Fares are the same as those charged on the current 58 service.

All of our bus passes are accepted, subject to their individual terms and conditions.


The service runs Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays, and is operated in partnership with Nu-Venture. Contact Nu-Venture for service information on 01622 88 22 88.

Our timetables do not feature all bus stops, view the complete timetable on Nu-Venture's website.

Addington - Birling - West Malling - East Malling - Maidstone Hospital

The 14:24 service from Addington to West Malling follows a different route than the other services. Passengers from Leybourne, Birling and Ryarsh wishing to go to West Malling should board the bus travelling towards Addington at the times shown.

Weekday timetable
Bus stop nameTerm timeSchool holidaysStop times
Addington, The Green06:5907:14 09:3010:2411:2412:2413:2414:2415:2417:15
Trottiscliffe, The George07:0307:1809:3410:2811:2812:2813:2814:2815:2817:19
Wrotham Heath, The Vineyard07:0807:2309:3910:3311:3312:3313:3314:3315:3317:24
Addington, Jungle Cafe07:1307:2809:4310:3711:3712:3713:3714:3715:3717:28
Ryarsh, Duke of Wellington07:1807:3209:4810:4211:4212:4213:42


(via Addington)

Birling, Nevill Bull07:2007:3509:5110:4511:4512:4513:45


(via Addington)

Leybourne, Baywell 07:4209:5610:5011:5012:5013:50


(via Addington)

Leybourne, Church07:26 
West Malling High Street, Tesco07:3307:4910:0310:5711:5712:5713:5714:4715:5717:48
East Malling, Winterfield Lane07:3607:5210:0611:0012:0013:0014:00 16:00 
East Malling, The Rising Sun07:3807:5310:1011:0412:0413:0414:04 16:04 
East Malling, King and Queen07:4007:5510:1111:0512:0513:0514:05 16:05 
Larkfield, Wealden Hall07:4508:0010:1611:1012:1013:1014:10 16:1018:00
Ditton Corner, Eastbound07:4808:0210:1811:1212:1213:1214:12 16:1218:03
South Aylesford Retail Park, Homebase07:4908:0410:2111:1512:1513:1514:15 16:1518:05
Aylesford, Hermitage Lane McDonalds 08:0610:2311:1712:1713:1714:17 16:1718:07
Barming Railway Station 08:0710:2411:1812:1813:1814:18 16:1818:08
Maidstone Hospital 08:1210:2711:2112:2113:2114:21 16:2118:11
London Road, Somerfield Hospital08:03 
Maidstone, Chequers Bus Station08:13 
Maidstone Boys Grammar School, Barton Road08:23
Saturday timetable
Bus stop nameStop times
Addington, The Green08:3410:2412:2415:24
Trottiscliffe, The George08:3810:2812:2815:28
Wrotham Heath, The Vineyard08:4310:3312:3315:33
Addington, Jungle Cafe08:4710:3712:3715:37
Ryarsh, Duke of Wellington08:5210:4212:4215:42
Birling, Nevill Bull08:5510:4512:4515:45
Leybourne, Baywell09:0010:5012:5015:50
West Malling High Street, Tesco09:0710:5712:5715:57
East Malling, Winterfield Lane09:1011:0013:0016:00
East Malling, The Rising Sun09:1411:0413:0416:04
East Malling, King and Queen09:1511:0513:0516:05
Larkfield, Wealden Hall09:2011:1013:1016:10
Ditton Corner, Eastbound09:2311:1313:1316:13
South Aylesford Retail Park, Homebase09:2511:1513:1516:15
Aylesford McDonalds, Hermitage Lane09:2711:1713:1716:17
Barming Railway Station09:2811:1813:1816:18
Maidstone Hospital09:3111:2113:2116:21

Maidstone Hospital - East Malling - West Malling - Birling - Addington

The 16:31 service from Maidstone Hospital to Wrotham Heath follows a different route than the other services; the bus serves Addington, Trottscliffe and Wrotham Heath before serving Ryarsh, Birling and Leybourne.

Weekday timetable
Bus stop nameStop timesTerm time onlyStop times
Maidstone, King Street, Boots 16:05 
London Road, Somerfield Hospital 16:12 
Maidstone Hospital 10:3411:3412:3413:3414:34 16:3118:14
Barming Railway Station 10:3611:3612:3613:3614:36 16:3618:16
South Aylesford Retail Park, Homebase 10:4111:4112:4113:4114:4116:2216:4318:22
Ditton Corner, Westbound 10:4411:4412:4413:4414:4416:2516:4818:25
Larkfield, Wealden Hall09:4610:4611:4612:4613:4614:4616:2816:5318:27
East Malling, King and Queen Public House09:5210:5211:5212:5213:5214:5216:3216:5818:32
West Malling Railway Station 16:42 
West Malling High Street, Tesco10:0011:0012:0013:0014:0015:0016:4717:0718:40
Leybourne, Church Drop off only, on request 
Leybourne, The Old Rectory10:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:05 17:41Drop off only, on request
Birling, Nevill Bull10:1111:1112:1113:1114:1115:11Drop off only, on request17:36Drop off only, on request
Ryarsh, Duke of Wellington Public House10:1411:1412:1413:1414:1415:14Drop off only, on request17:33Drop off only, on request
Addington, Jungle Cafe10:1911:1912:1913:1914:1915:19Drop off only, on request17:12Drop off only, on request
Addington, The Green10:2411:2412:2413:2414:2415:24Drop off only, on request17:15Drop off only, on request
Trottiscliffe, The George Inn Public House10:2811:2812:2813:2814:2815:28Drop off only, on request17:19Drop off only, on request
Wrotham Heath, The Vineyard10:3311:3312:3313:3314:3315:33Drop off only, on request17:24Drop off only, on request
Saturday timetable
Bus stop nameStop times
Maidstone Hospital09:3411:3414:3416:25
Barming Railway Station09:3611:3614:3616:27
South Aylesford Retail Park, Homebase09:4111:4114:4116:31
Ditton Corner, Westbound09:4411:4414:4416:34
Larkfield, Wealden Hall09:4611:4614:4616:36
East Malling, King and Queen Public House09:5211:5214:5216:42
West Malling High Street, Tesco10:0012:0015:0016:50
Leybourne, The Old Rectory10:0512:0515:05Drop off only, on request
Birling, Nevill Bull10:1112:1115:11Drop off only, on request
Ryarsh, Duke of Wellington Public House10:1412:1415:14Drop off only, on request
Addington, Jungle Cafe10:1912:1915:19Drop off only, on request
Addington: The Green10:2412:2415:24Drop off only, on request
Trottiscliffe, The George Inn Public House10:2812:2815:28Drop off only, on request
Wrotham Heath, The Vineyard10:3312:3315:33Drop off only, on request