Tenterden hopper service

The Tenterden hopper service is 1 of 5 public transport pilot schemes designed to improve the accessibility and sustainability of rural public transport in Kent.

It works like a normal bus service where it follows a set route, stops at all marked stops and charges fares per person. The hopper service serves all marked stops along the route, as well as offering a 'hail and ride' service for more rural areas.

The pilot will run for 12 months and we encourage people to use the services, or risk losing them.

There are 3 routes each ending at The Vine, Tenterden.


For any length journey, the fares are:

  • £1 for a child single
  • £2 for an adult single.

The hopper service only accepts cash payment.

All of our bus passes are accepted, subject to their individual terms and conditions.

We are encouraging bus pass users to pay a £1 voluntary contribution per journey, to help with the sustainability of the pilot.


The service will run Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, and is being operated in partnership with the Tenterden Social Hub. Contact the Tenterden Social Hub for service information on 01580 76 28 82 or hub@tsh.org.uk.

Route A: High Halden - Shirkoak - Woodchurch - Rare Breeds Centre - Tenterden

Timetable for Tenterden hopper route A
Hopper service stop location1st stop times2nd stop times
Tenterden, The Vine09:3012:30
Tenterden, Town Hall09:3012:30
Tenterden, Old Post Office09:3012:30
Tenterden, Turner's Avenue09:3112:31
Tenterden, Homewood School09:3212:32
Tenterden, The Fat Ox09:3312:33
Saint Michaels, Wayside Avenue09:3412:34
Saint Michaels, The Crown09:3512:35
Saint Michaels, Shoreham Lane09:3512:35
High Halden, The Chennells09:3812:38
High Halden, Millfield09:3912:39
High Halden, opposite school09:4012:40
Woodchurch, Great Engeham Manor09:5112:51
Shirkoak, opposite Shirkoak Park09:5512:55
Woodchurch, Bonny Cravat09:5812:58
Woodchurch, Kirkwood Avenue09:5912:59
Woodchurch, opposite GP surgery10:0013:00
Woodchurch, Rare Breeds Centre10:0513:05
Woodchurch, Brattle Estate10:0713:07
Brook Street, Ditton Farm10:0813:08
Tenterden, Preston Lane10:1413:14
Tenterden, Turner's Avenue10:1813:18
Tenterden, Old Post Office10:1813:18
Tenterden, Town Hall10:1913:19
Tenterden, The Vine10:2013:20

Route B: Rolvenden - Rolvenden Layne - Tenterden

Timetable for Tenterden hopper route B
Hopper service stop location1st stop times2nd stop times
Tenterden, The Vine10:2513:25
Tenterden, William Caxton10:2513:25
Tenterden, Isemonger Farm10:2613:26
Tenterden, Esso Garage10:2613:26
Rolvenden, KESR Station10:2713:27
Rolvenden, The Bungalows10:2813:28
Rolvenden, Halden Lane10:3013:30
Rolvenden, Sparkeswood Avenue10:3013:30
Rolvenden, Post Office10:3113:31
Rolvenden Layne, Ewe and Lamb10:3513:35
Wittersham, Peening Quarter, north bound10:4113:41
Small Hythe, Peening Quarter Farm10:4213:42
Small Hythe, Church10:4413:44
Small Hythe, Chapel Down Vineyard10:4513:45
Small Hythe, Ashenden Lane10:4613:46
Tenterden, Hopes Grove10:4813:48
Tenterdem, West Cross10:4913:49
Tenterden, The Vine10:5013:50

Route C: Appledore - Stone - Tenterden

Timetable for Tenterden hopper route C
Hopper service stop location1st stop times2nd stop times
Tenterden, The Vine 10:5513:55
Tenterden, Town Hall10:5513:55
Tenterden, Old Post Office10:5513:55
Tenterden, Turner's Avenue10:5613:56
Tenterden, Appledore Road, south-east bound10:5713:57
Leigh Green, Industrial Estate11:0014:00
Reading Street, Ebony Church11:0414:04
Tenterden Garden Centre11:0514:05
Stone in Oxney, The Crown11:1314:13
Appledore, Black Lion11:2014:20
Appledore, Recreation ground11:2014:20
Appledore, Scotland and Bates Garage11:2114:21
Appledore Heath11:2214:22
Tenterden Garden Centre11:3014:30
Reading Street, Ebony Church11:3014:30
Leigh Green, Industrial Estate11:3414:34
Tenterden, Appledore Road, north-west bound11:3614:36
Tenterden, Shrubcote Green11:3714:37
Tenterden, Shrubcote northbound11:3714:37
Tenterden, Appledore Road, north-west bound11:3814:38
Tenterden, Turner's Avenue11:4114:41
Tenterden, Old Post Office11:4214:42
Tenterden, Town Hall11:4414:44
Tenterden, The Vine11:4514:45