Sandwich connect service

The Sandwich connect service is 1 of 5 public transport pilot schemes designed to improve the accessibility and sustainability of rural public transport in Kent.

The scheme provides a bus service to and from Sandwich from the surrounding villages. It works like a normal bus service where it will follow a set route, stop at all marked stops requested by passengers and charge fares per person.

The Sandwich connect service is clearly marked with signs on each side.

The pilot will run for 12 months and we encourage people to use the service, or risk losing it.


For any length journey, the fares are:

  • £1 for a child single
  • £3 for an adult single
  • £5 for an adult return.

The Sandwich connect service only accepts cash payment.

All of our bus passes are accepted, subject to their individual terms and conditions.

We are encouraging bus pass users to pay a £1 voluntary contribution per journey, to help with the sustainability of the pilot.


The service runs Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, and is being operated in partnership with Britannia Coaches. Contact Britannia for service information on 01304 22 81 11.

An extra late afternoon service has been introduced, funded by Great Mongeham Parish Council, Northbourne Parish Council and Staple Parish Council.

We encourage passengers to use the marked bus stops, however you can hail the service at any point on route, as long as it is safe for the driver to pull over.

Timetable for Staple - Sandwich - Northbourne - Mongeham
Taxi-bus stop locationStop times
Staple, Three Tuns09:4011:1013:1014:40
Staple, The Street09:4111:1113:1114:41
Staple, The Old School09:4110:1113:1114:41
Staple, Staple Farm09:4110:1113:1114:41
Staple, Durlock Nursery09:4410:1413:1414:44
Ash, Guilton Corner, north-west bound09:4611:1613:1614:46
Ash, Each End09:4911:1913:1914:49
Sandwich, White Mill Windmill09:5011:2013:2014:50
Sandwich, Fire Station09:5111:2113:2114:51
Sandwich, Saint Mary's Church09:5211:2213:2214:52
Sandwich: The Guildhall, stop B09:55



Sandwich, Saint Mary's Church09:5811:2813:2814:58
Sandwich, Fire station09:5811:2813:2814:58
Sandwich, White Mill Windmill09:5811:2813:2814:58
Betteshanger, Updown Lane10:0311:3313:3315:03
Betteshanger, Ham crossroads, south-east bound10:0311:3313:3315:03
Northbourne, Crossroads, southbound10:0311:3313:3315:03
Little Mongeham, Chalk pits, south-east bound10:0611:3613:3615:06
Great Mongeham, Church Close10:0911:3913:3915:09
Great Mongeham, Church10:0911:3913:3915:09
Great Mongeham, Village Hall10:1011:4013:4015:10
Great Mongeham, Three Horseshoes10:1011:4013:4015:10
Upper Deal, Saint Francis' Close10:1111:4113:4115:11
Upper Deal, St Martin's Road, north-west bound10:1111:4113:4115:11
Upper Deal, Saint Nicholas Close, bus shelter10:12




Timetable for Mongham - Northbourne - Sandwich - Staple
Taxi-bus stop locationStop times
Upper Deal, Saint Nicholas Close10:1511:4513:4515:15
Upper Deal, Leather Bottle10:1511:4513:4515:15
Great Mongeham, Three Horseshoes10:1611:4613:4615:16
Great Mongeham, Village Hall10:1811:4813:4815:18
Great Mongeham, Church10:1911:4913:4915:19
Great Mongeham, Church Close10:2011:5013:5015:20
Little Mongeham, Chalk pits, north bound10:2111:5113:5115:21
Northbourne, Crossroads, north bound10:2411:5413:5415:24
Betteshanger, Ham crossroads, north-west bound10:2411:5413:5415:24
Northbourne, Updown Lane10:2411:5413:5415:24
Sandwich, White Mill Windmill10:3312:0314:0315:33
Sandwich, Fire station10:3312:0314:0315:33
Sandwich, Saint Mary's Church10:3412:0414:0415:34
Sandwich, The Guildhall, stop B10:35




Sandwich, Saint Mary's Church10:4312:4314:1315:43
Sandwich, Fire Station10:4412:4414:1415:44
Sandwich, White Mill Windmill10:4412:4414:4415:44
Ash, Each End10:4612:4614:1615:46
Ash, Guilton Corner, south-east bound 10:5112:5114:2115:51
Staple, Durlock Nursery10:5212:5214:2215:52
Staple, Staple Farm10:5512:5514:2515:55
Staple, The Old School10:5512:5514:2515:55
Staple, The Street, west bound10:5612:5614:2615:56
Staple, Three Tuns10:5712:5714:2715:57