Rennie Drive Fastrack junction improvement and southbound bus lane

This scheme is part of Kent’s Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and will be funded by the Government through the National Bus Strategy (NBS). We hope to improve our network and encourage greater bus use, helping to make services sustainable in the future.

The scheme will improve the Rennie Drive Fastrack junction to enable Fastrack vehicles to travel directly along the northern part of Rennie Drive, and vice versa, saving up to 2 minutes journey time per trip. This will be done by improving the junction arrangement and signals of Rennie Drive and by providing a new southbound bus lane to reduce congestion issues associated with the Dartford Crossing and M25/J1A.

Improvements to the layout and traffic signals will allow Fastrack buses to turn left or right out of the junction and also turn left or right into the junction.

Changes to the traffic signals and footway and cycleway crossing points will allow greater pedestrian and cycle use for local residents.

The scheme will also include a new southbound bus lane within the existing highway boundary of Rennie Drive up to the Rennie Drive Fastrack roundabout.

Scheme cost

The total budget for the scheme is £2 million and will be funded by the Department of Transport (DfT) as part of the NBS funding awarded to deliver selected Kent Bus Service Improvement (BSIP) initiatives.

Scheme documents

Rennie Drive Junction Improvement - General Site Arrangements (map 1 of 2) (PDF, 874.3 KB).

Rennie Drive Junction Improvement - General Site Arrangements (map 2 of 2) (PDF, 886.5 KB).

The NBS aims to improve bus services across the county by providing faster and more reliable services through a range of initiatives. This one particularly focuses on Fastrack.

Fastrack is Kent’s busiest service with Kent’s only 24-hour service travelling through the proposed scheme site. These services have become economically vital for people across north Kent who use them to access employment at the Littlebrook site because of the number of key businesses there such as Amazon, Ikea and Coca-Cola.

The changes will:

  • support economic growth by improving journey time and reliability of Fastrack services
  • maintain a reliable Fastrack network in conjunction with the increase in passenger numbers
  • reduce the impact of Dartford crossing congestion on Fastrack services
  • improve bus services in Kent.

The scheme entered its detailed design phase in December 2022 with our design consultant Waterman expected to complete their works by summer 2023.

Construction timescales are under review. However, it is expected this scheme will complete its construction phase by spring 2024.

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Funded by UK government

This project is a Kent Enhanced Partnership Initiative which has been made possible thanks to funding from UK Government.