A252 Chilham to Charing - Safer Roads Fund

The Road Safety Foundation have highlighted that the A252 stretch between the villages of Chilham and Charing is one of the 50 most dangerous local A roads in Britain.

As part of the Safer Roads Fund, we have secured £2.1million from the Department for Transport to design and implement safety improvements.

The proposed scheme will include the addition of:

  • a protected right turn lane
  • central hatch markings
  • central refuge islands
  • improved curb definition
  • lighting of a junction
  • lowering speed limits
  • reviewing speed management of the area
  • removal of roadside hazards
  • roadside barriers
  • shoulder rumble strips (raised stripes on the surface of the road)
  • shoulder widening
  • skid resistance upgrades
  • wide centre lines.

We are making changes to reduce risk to road users and the number of people killed or seriously injured on the road over the next 20 years.

The Road Safety Foundation used police crash data alongside the Department for Transport’s traffic flow data to determine the top 50 high risk routes in Britain by:

Once a star rating was established, a plan and programme for the future treatments of the road were assessed and produced by road safety analysis software programme, ViDA.

We have put forward proposals for improvement measures to reflect those suggested by ViDA, including alternative appropriate changes.

Funded by

The government Growth Deal provides money to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, funding projects which drive Kent’s economic and business growth.