M20 Junction 10a

This Highways England scheme constructed a new junction on the M20; east of the existing M20 Junction 10.

The junction links a new dual carriageway link road with the A2070 Southern Orbital Road to the south of Ashford.

This project was led by Highways England.

The new junction includes a roundabout over the motorway, new slip roads and a new link road to the A2070 Bad Munstereifel Road, with traffic signals on parts of the junction and two 3 lane bridges. The east-facing slip roads at the existing junction 10 have been removed.

The A20 Hythe Road has been incorporated into the new junction.

Highways England constructed a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the M20 from Kingsford Street to the A20, demolishing the existing Highfield Lane Bridge. The Church Road footbridge has been replaced with a new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.

The works were completed in Summer 2020.


This scheme cost £104.4million, with £19.7million Local Growth Fund funding provided by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, and administered by Kent County Council, £16million match funding and £68.7million Highways England funding.


Documentation for this scheme is available from Highways England.

The M20 is used by large volumes of international traffic that conflicts with local traffic in Ashford. This project is essential to future development within the area of South Ashford and provides additional capacity, to prevent traffic congestion and long delays in the future


The objectives of this scheme were to:

  • provide infrastructure to support development in the Ashford area
  • help separate long distance traffic from local traffic
  • reduce congestion and improve journey time reliability
  • improve road safety
  • improve noise and air quality for properties to the west of the A2070
  • provide safer crossings over the M20 for pedestrians and cyclists via a new footbridge.

Formal decision

The approval to progress the M20 Junction 10A new junction was taken by Kent County Council on 22 July 2014.

The decision by the SELEP Accountability Board to grant Local Growth Funding for the M20 Junction 10A new junction was made on the 24 February 2017 (development phase) and 15 December 2017 (final approval for construction phase).

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