Interfaith working

Working together to promote understanding and cooperation

Interfaith working promotes understanding, cooperation and good relations between organisations and people of different faiths and of no faith. This can be done by providing opportunities to link up and work together. You can find out more on the Inter Faith Network website.

Kent is increasingly diverse and with our diversity comes a tapestry of rich traditions, different learnings and understandings of faith and life. We have provided this information in partnership with the Kent Equality Cohesion Council and the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education. We hope it will help:

  • develop conversations and networks
  • allow important discussions, events and celebrations to take place
  • support the aim of increasing community cohesion.

Working together

As well as different faith groups working together, there are many organisations who would be interested in connecting more with faith groups. These include:


Various places of worship across Kent are opening their doors to the public to celebrate interfaith working.

Find local events

There are currently no events, if you have an event you would like listed, where people can visit different places and find out more about different faiths, please email with the details.

Interfaith forums

Existing forums in Kent include:

For more information visit the South East England Faith Forums website.

Faith groups database

We have a database of faith groups in Kent so you can find faith groups and communities in your local area to work together with. If you would like your group to be included in this database register for an account and enter your details.

If the details for your organisation are missing or incorrect, please login or register.