What to bring to Kent History and Library Centre

A checklist of what to bring when you visit the Kent History and Library Centre.

A Kent library card or identification

To use the archive area your Kent library card must be activated. We can do this for you as long as you have identification.

We can give you a library card if you have brought identification.

All identification should confirm your name, current address and signature.

Get a library card online


You'll need £1 for your locker key. We'll give this back to you once you've finished. You may also need to pay for copying or photographing material.


You may only take in 2B pencils (without rubbers) to write with, not pens. You can't bring rubbers or pencil sharpeners - ask staff if you need them.


Laptops and other devices for taking notes can be taken into the search room, sockets are available


Please turn the flash off if taking photos of documents with your camera or on your mobile phone. You'll need to buy a camera licence when you arrive.

Food and drink

You can bring food and drink but not into the search room.