Talents and Interests grant scheme

Talents and Interests grants are organised by HeadStart Kent, who are funded by the Big Lottery Fund to support young people's emotional wellbeing and resilience.

HeadStart Kent has a clear mission statement:

"By 2020 Kent young people and their families will have improved resilience, by developing their knowledge and lifelong skills to maximise their own and their peers’ emotional health and wellbeing; so to navigate their way to support when needed in ways which work for them".

The scheme is designed to support young people identified by their schools and communities. A trusted adult from the school and/or communities can apply for a grant on the young person’s behalf in order to access hobbies such as sports, the arts, or music. You can bid for £50 to £500 per grant. It will be requirement of the grant to provide an evaluation 2 months after the activity has started.

The funding needs to support young people’s pursuit of a talent, interest and hobby. It is expected this activity will be sustained after the funding has ended

Research indicates that positive achievements for children can help to build their resilience. This applies not only to academic performance, but also other positive experiences including engagement, enjoyment and success outside of school.

To apply for a Talents and Interests grant the young person must :

All application stating that a resilience conversation has not taken place will not be considered

For more information on resilient conversations please email Headstart@kent.gov.uk.

Apply for a Talents and Interests grant

You will hear back from our HeadStart team within 4 weeks of applying for the grant.