Pay it Forward Grant

Pay it Forward provides grants between £250 and £1,000 for young people aged 10-16.

The scheme is is run by HeadStart Kent, who are funded by the Big Lottery to support young people's emotional wellbeing. The idea of paying something forward means helping someone to do something to help someone else. HeadStart is giving groups of young people the chance to make this happen. The original idea for the fund came from Kent’s young people.

You can apply for a grant with the support of adults in your school or community. Grants give you the opportunity to support your local area and take social action.

The Pay It Forward fund was previously promoted by HeadStart Kent in 2015/16. Previous projects that received funding included:

  • support groups for parents
  • refurbishment of a community pond to be used as an outdoor classroom
  • development of a music studio for young people
  • a domestic abuse conference for young people.

The possibilities are endless, as long as you keep in mind that you are paying it forward to others in your community.

All projects reported that the benefits of having young people involved within the design and delivery of the projects found the experience beneficial and really made a difference to people in their community.

What we expect successful projects to achieve

By 2020 HeadStart Kent state Kent's young people and their families will have developed their knowledge and lifelong skills to maximise their own and their peers’ emotional health and wellbeing.

Successful ideas will fulfil the three objectives of HeadStart Kent HeadStart Kent will focus on building a sustainable system where every young person in Kent will be able to say with confidence:

  • “People around me understand wellbeing and how to promote it”
  • “My overall wellbeing is not impacted by the pressure to achieve and to ‘be perfect”
  • “There is always someone for me to talk to”.

Funding available

Young people can apply for between £250 - £1000.

Young people aged 10-16 with the support of an adult can apply. The fund will support activities for young people aged 10-16 years in their local communities.

Apply for a Pay it Forward grant

Once you have applied, you will receive a confirmation and feedback of your application. These are sent throughout the year, please check the table below to find out when you will be contacted:

Applied byConfirmation sent
5 February 2018end of February 2018
2 April 2018end of April 2018
5 June 2018end of June 2018
8 August 2018end of August 2018
12 October 2018end of November 2018
14 December 2018end of January 2019 2018

All applications for funding will be assessed by young people, as part of ‘Speak Out @ HeadStart Kent’. Applicants may be asked to come and present their bid. The young people will be making the decisions on who receives funding with the support of council staff.