Short Break Grants

We have an ongoing commitment to providing short breaks for disabled children, young people and their families in Kent. We are therefore seeking grant bids from providers who can help us to improve the availability of short breaks across the county.

Short breaks give children and young people with SEND the chance to:

  • spend time away from their parents or carers
  • have fun with their friends
  • experience the same range of activities, challenges and environments as children and young people who are not disabled.

Short breaks also provide parents and carers with a necessary and valuable break from their caring responsibilities.

Short breaks can include day, evening, weekend, and school holiday activities. Overnight stays are not part of this grant opportunity.

NHS Kent and Medway are part funding these grants.

We're looking for imaginative and creative projects that give children and young people with SEND positive, challenging and engaging experiences while their parents and carers take a break.

To apply for a Short Breaks Grant, your project must:

  • provide a short break activity
  • be based in Kent.

You must also have the following policies and procedures in place:

  • public liability insurance (£10 million)
  • employer liability insurance (£10 million)
  • professional indemnity insurance (£5 million)
  • cyber liability insurance (£250,000)
  • motor vehicle insurance (if a vehicle is available to the project)
  • safeguarding children policy and procedure
  • complaints procedure
  • health and safety policy or statement that includes a risk assessment
  • equal opportunities policy or statement
  • child sexual exploitation policy
  • anti-radicalisation policy
  • recruitment and selection policy or procedure
  • enhanced DBS checks for staff and volunteers
  • supervision and appraisal process
  • induction programme for new staff and volunteers
  • training programme for staff and volunteers that includes
    • safeguarding
    • child sexual exploitation
    • anti-radicalisation.
  • response to COVID-19 policy and risk assessments.

If you're successful in your grant application, you'll need to provide us with the following information every month until the project or activity is complete:

  • how many activities or events were delivered with the funding
  • how many children and young people took part
  • the age and demographic area of the children and young people who took part
  • any feedback received about the activities or events
  • at least one anonymised qualitative case study demonstrating the project’s impact regarding outcomes
  • how the activities or events were delivered in a COVID-secure way
  • numbers of children on the waiting list and length of wait.

We have just over £1 million worth of funding available which will be split between the 12 districts to provide an equal and consistent offer across Kent.

You can apply:

  • for between £500 and £25,000 per district
  • for funding from between 1 and 12 districts or countywide. A service is considered countywide if it is available to disabled children, young people and their families across Kent rather than being based in a particular district.

All grants will operate on a one year basis between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023 with the option of a one year extension.

Additional funding from Reconnect

You may also be eligible for additional funding from the Reconnect Programme if your short break activity:

If your project meets this criteria, you'll be asked to include some additional information in your Short Break Grant application.

Applications for this grant have now closed.

After you apply

We'll let you know when we receive your application.

It will then be considered by a small panel which will include representation from:

  • our SEND team
  • our children's social work teams
  • the Kent and Medway CCGs
  • individuals with lived experience of disabilities (where possible).

Based on your application, and any further information you may have been asked to supply, the panel will make its recommendations to the Corporate Director for Children Young People and Education to inform a final decision.

We will then either:

  • offer you a grant
  • offer you a grant with some specific conditions
  • reject your application and explain why.

You should know the outcome of your application by the end of February 2022.