Broadband services available

To check which broadband services you can get, you will need to enter your telephone number or postcode on the various availability checkers listed below.

Availability checkers

  • DSL via the telephone network
    The speed checker will show a range of different services, along with predicted speeds. If fibre-based broadband is available the results will include an entry for 'WBC FTTC'.
    If the predicted speed is 512Kbps, 256Kbps or 'very unlikely' you may not be able to receive a broadband service via this route.
  • 4G mobile broadband connection
    You may be able to get a 4G mobile broadband connection. You can check current availability of 4G mobile broadband services at the Ofcom Mobile Coverage Checker. Please note that the various providers have quite different coverage and you should be aware that coverage inside properties may be restricted
  • Wireless broadband from Call Flow Solutions
    Call Flow Solutions' wireless coverage is mainly in south Kent and East Sussex. The company also offers higher speed services based on BT telephone lines in a few locations.
  • Fibre broadband from Gigaclear
    Gigaclear is building a high speed fibre to the home network in some parts of Kent between Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. Use their postcode checker to find out whether you can receive service from them.
  • Satellite Broadband
    If you are unable to access a wired, fixed wireless or 4G-based broadband service, it is likely that you will be able to get a satellite-based broadband service. The Government's Better Broadband Scheme offers subsidised installation for eligible premises.

Choosing a provider

This is a personal decision, based on speed needed, cost and download limits. Ofcom runs an accreditation scheme for broadband price comparison websites and it is usually best to compare providers.