Charlotte Abbotson

The work and responsibility I have working for KCC will influence the lives of people living in Kent

Age: 23

University: University of Exeter, BSc Psychology

I am currently placed in Strategic Business Development and Intelligence where I am working on adult social care projects including extra care housing. I have begun working with the Social Innovation Lab Kent (SILK) team to undertake qualitative research into extra care housing to understand the voice of the user. I have also provided support in working to green book standards for business cases.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme – Operational Research Stream

I have always been motivated by an interest in people which made working for Kent County Council a particularly attractive opportunity. I knew that the work and responsibilities I would be given while working for KCC would influence the lives of people living in Kent.

Additionally, before joining the Graduate Programme I spent just over a year working for local government, including holding a role internal to Kent County Council.  During this time I became acutely aware of how well respected the programme was across and beyond KCC, and of the emphasis they place on graduate development. The opportunities available in local government also offer a unique prospect to experience and explore a wide range of areas not frequently offered by careers in the private sector.

You should apply if...

  • you are organised – Being part of the graduate programme involves juggling multiple pieces of work along with your studies. It is important you are able to balance these responsibilities
  • you learn and adapt quickly – Working in Operational Research involves undertaking work across the breadth of a constantly changing organisation.  As a result, you need to be comfortable with swiftly adjusting your approach according to the work and environment
  • you are innovative and approach change positively – Being part of the Operational Research Stream means you may be tasked with complex problems. You need to be able to approach these analytically, particularly when trying to find viable long term solutions.

Current Placement

Strategic business development and intelligence

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Applications are currently closed for the operational research stream.