Amber Povey

The opportunity to undertake a project management qualification and the potential to complete additional training makes the KGP stand out

Age: 23

University: BSc Economics, University of Portsmouth

I am currently placed within the Strategic Business Development and Intelligence team where I will be working on the tracking of key strategic objectives within the performance management team. My role will involve the reporting and evaluation of Red Amber Green (RAG) ratings and milestones as well as supporting the agreement of a clear and consistent monitoring framework. This will require a high level of political awareness and a deep understanding of KCC’s strategic direction. I will also have the opportunity to conduct analysis related to some of the strategic objectives, as and when needed.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme – Operational Research Stream

I was first attracted to the Kent Graduate Programme (KGP) by the enormous amount of personal and professional development offered. The opportunity to undertake a project management qualification as well as the potential to complete additional training and study really makes the KGP stand out and will be beneficial both to myself, and to KCC as an organisation.  The varied placements over the course of the scheme will give me the option to explore different areas within local government and I am excited to learn as much as I can during my time at KCC!

The Operational Research (OR) Stream was of particular interest to me, as having studied economics; I have a strong analytical and statistical background. The OR stream will allow me to utilise the skills that I have acquired during my academic studies and apply them to the various projects I will complete during my time on the KGP.

You should apply if...

  • you want to be given real responsibility from day one and work on projects that make a difference to people’s lives in Kent
  • you are a flexible person who embraces change along with new and innovative ways of working
  • you are looking for an opportunity that will provide excellent personal and professional development.

Current Placement

Strategic business development and intelligence

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Applications are currently closed for the operational research stream.