Zoe Galvin

It’s hugely rewarding to be placed on such high profile projects and I’ve been surprised by the incredible levels of support available.

Age: 23

University: University of York, English and Related Literature (BA Hons.)

I am currently in my third placement, working in public transport on a project exploring potential changes to the delivery of our rural services, with an aim to increase efficiency and connectivity. Having assisted the county wide consultation and early development of pilots in my second placement I am now pursuing the project, so I can see it through right from conception to implementation. Whilst it is unusual to complete two placements in the same team, continuing the placement offers me the opportunity to design and commission services, building on my existing knowledge base. I’ll be leading on engagement with parish councils, local communities and operators to provide best value for Kent’s residents.

It is hugely rewarding to be placed on such high profile, transferable projects and I’ve been surprised by the incredible levels of support available to me in this role.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme management stream

My interest in KCC’s graduate programme stemmed from a desire to use my skills to help improve people’s lives. For me, local government was an excellent way to realise this ambition. The variety and rotational nature of the scheme appealed to me because I was looking to learn a lot about the roles local government plays in people’s lives and to find where I felt I could make the most difference. By undertaking four placements across KCC over two years, I’m excited to receive a rounded experience whilst being encouraged to shape that direction.

The challenges local authorities are currently facing encouraged me that the programme would be stretching and insightful, and I’ve not been disappointed! There is also a clear focus on both our personal development and the organisational development which leads KCC to be highly invested in its graduate programme. This is apparent both through the investment in externally recognised project management qualifications and our weekly graduate days which allow us to meet senior staff and members to enhance our understanding of the council whilst sharing knowledge and experiences amongst ourselves. Our unique perspective gives us strategic value in bringing the council together which I feel directly contributes to the respect I’ve been shown throughout the council.

Current Placement

Public Transport, GET

You should apply if...

  • you are open minded about your future career path and value the work done in the public sector
  • you enjoy adapting to working in new ways and are not scared of change
  • you are proactive in you eagerness to be given responsibility and the opportunity to improve people’s lives