Grace Martin

The Kent Graduate Programme greatly appealed to me because of the opportunity to complete three different rotations.

Age: 21

University: University of Reading - Geography (BSc)

This has been an excellent start for me, providing me with the opportunity to work within a large team which interacts greatly with other teams in Highways and Transportation. My primary role in this team is to assess the impacts of planning applications and developments on the highway network. This involves looking at drawings, checking that the design, access and construction of development proposals are safe and suitable. I am enjoying this role as it involves thinking strategically and holistically about the proposed site and the surrounding transport network, as well as going on site visits to get a feel for the area myself and liaising with developers and the district planning authority. This placement has already helped me to gain local knowledge of the transport network and specific knowledge of planning requirements and guidelines, as well as developing a range of skills including decision making, analytical skills and communication.

I have been given the responsibility of a variety of other projects, such as making changes to the Travel Plans Toolkit, the revision of Vehicle Parking Standards, and the creation of district proposal maps; all of which I am enjoying because I get to interact with and share ideas with other teams in Highways and Transportation and employ a number of different skills.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme management stream

The Kent Graduate Programme greatly appealed to me because of the opportunity to complete 3 different rotations within Highways, Transportation and Waste. During my time at university, I gradually developed a keen interest in transport. However, I was unsure of the exact career path I wanted to pursue; the scheme offers a variety of placements which provide an insight into the transport sector and the council’s many transport functions, while simultaneously allowing you to explore the different career paths available and discover what areas you find particularly interesting.

I was also attracted to the programme because of the unrivalled career development and training opportunities, including a project management qualification and recognised management qualification. The role description also welcomed geographers to apply, and I was keen to put the skills and knowledge I had gained at university to use.

You should apply if you...

  • are self-motivated, driven and resourceful
  • are open and adaptable to change given the dynamic and challenging environment of working in local government
  • want to experience a variety of placements which will give you an insight into Highways, Transportation and Waste and help you to develop a career path in local government.

Current placement:

Development Planning Team, Highways, Transportation and Waste, Growth Environment and Transport.

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