Abigail Roscoe

The Kent Graduate scheme offered me the opportunity to gain a project management qualification whilst on the scheme.

Age: 22

University: Lancaster University BSc Geography

My current placement is within the Planning and Development team based in Ashford. The team mainly works with developments at the planning application stage, both giving pre-application advice and consulting on planning applications. Within my current role, I am gaining an in depth understanding of planning policy and learning about the wider role of highways to achieve sustainable travel across the county.

This has been provided through a number of training sessions with individual members of a range of highway teams. Within this placement, I have been allocated my own project to develop a household post occupation survey that is intended to provide the Planning and Development team information about travel in new developments and will also be used as evidence to inform future residential designs.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme

One of the major benefits of the Highways Transportation and Waste graduate scheme, was that it offered the opportunity to study for project management qualifications. This meant that I could pursue a career that was related to my area of interest but also engage in a level of personal development not offered by other transport related graduate schemes. The programme offered training opportunities, and since starting, I have been well supported through the training process both in terms of time and money invested by KCC.

The graduate scheme is well established within KCC Highways Transportation and Waste; therefore, graduates are both respected and other employees of KCC will invest their own time in providing training, enabling individuals to develop.

Another aspect of the scheme that was particularly appealing was the fact that there are multiple placements within different highway transportation and waste areas. This provides the opportunity for graduates to gain a broader understanding of the sector as a whole, but at the same time find an area which they find interesting and want to pursue further. This was especially important to me, as I did not know which part of the transport sector I would thrive in. Now, just 2 months into the scheme, I have a much clearer understanding of where I want to be.

You should apply if...

  • you thrive by embracing rapid change and challenges posed in a public sector environment.
  • you want to experience a wide range of Highways, Transportation and Waste roles to decide what job would suit you best.
  • you have an interest in Highways and Transportation and improving the situation for Highway users across Kent.

Current Placement

Planning and Development - Growth, Environment and Transport.

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