Terms and conditions

The Kent Placement Portfolio has been developed to provide a link between students looking for placements and placement opportunities available from local public sector organisations, local businesses, and local community groups.

Placement details, requirements and questions are provided by placement hosts and not Kent County Council. Kent County Council is not responsible for this content and applicants should be satisfied that details, requirements and questions are reasonable and appropriate and seek the advice of a professional if there is any cause for concern.

Placements will remain live on the Kent County Council website indefinitely unless a closing date is specified. A portfolio entry can contain only one placement role. You must create separate entries for each placement you wish to submit.

Any placements deemed by Kent County Council to be contravening current legislation on the grounds of, for example (but not limited to), race, age, sex, gender, religion or disability will be amended or asked to be amended at Kent County Council’s discretion.

The Kent Placement Portfolio is a site dedicated to student placements only. Placements which Kent County Council deems inappropriate for the site, e.g. which do not appear to be student level, will be contacted by Kent County Council.

All placements must be for a genuine, specific job and not be a generic advert for an organisation or products/services.

Kent County Council does not offer any kind of application management service and all applications will be directed to employers. Information on the site should be considered general information not specific advice.

Kent County Council does not guarantee that the employer will receive any applications in response to a placement advert. Nor does Kent County Council guarantee that any applications received will be from applicants suitable for the placement being advertised.

By posting a placement opportunity on Kent County Council, the employer agrees to treat all applicants fairly and professionally.

All placements must fit the list of essential criteria provided on the information pages. If recommended criteria are included for the type of placement this should aim to be included also.

Kent County Council will only accept fully completed placement request templates, if any details are missing Kent County Council will ask the employer to amend the placement request.

The flow diagrams and placement definitions pages are for reference only. Please note they are for the purpose of The Kent Placement Portfolio only.

You should contact successful students within 2 weeks of their application being sent. You do not need to contact unsuccessful students.